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 Spring Fling  Change Date

Postponed due to weather, it is now scheduled for April 27, which is also the date that all registrations are due.

 This event is available for those who are registered or intend to register for the season. Courts 3-6 will be reserved from 10 to noon. Register for the season and play some random doubles.

2024 Sign-up

April 1 - 27

Cost for the season is $20.  Send a note to the Contact below if you need a registration form.


Federal Employees Tennis Association

FETA is open to Federal Government and Jefferson County employees and retirees, including contract employees provided they work full time with a specific agency. Immediate family members (including junior players 14 years and older) of a registered player may play as their doubles partner, and may play unrestricted singles and doubles after one season. Anyone registered in the past may register again this year.

The regular season lasts from May 1 through August 31 with a tournament in September for those who qualify and wish to participate. Emphasis is on having fun and playing with lots of different people, although competition can get serious, especially during the tournament.

Members can play any combination of singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. Singles groups include 4.0, 3.5, 3.0, and 2.5, and doubles have A, B, and C groups in men's, women's, and mixed. Group Rosters including contact information are emailed to members on May 1. Matches are set up by the players, usually by email. They agree on time and place to play, and report match scores to the Group Coordinators. There are no requirements regarding when or where matches take place.

Members may play as much or as little as they care to. There is no requirement to play any matches; however, the tournament is only available to players who either complete 8 singles matches (including at least 2 by June 30) or play on a doubles team that completes 5 matches (including at least 1 by June 30). Players who qualify for the tournament also receive a highly-coveted FETA T-shirt whether they elect to play in the tournament or not, and everyone can attend the tennis picnic in early October. There is also a spring tennis event in April for those who are registered or intend to register for the season. The Spring Fling and Fall Picnic events provide opportunities for members to meet and play doubles with others who they would normally not play during the regular season.

Regardless of how many groups a person chooses to join, the annual all-inclusive registration fee is $20.

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