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The Supplemental
Rules show which inter-group and repeat matches can be played for credit. These rules make it easier for players to qualify for the tournament and earn a T-shirt. The Supplemental Rules change every year depending on the number of people signed up for each group.  

Rules for
2.5 and 3.0

Players in the 2.5 and 3.0 groups have additional ways to earn match credit:
   Rules for 2.5 & 3.0 ______________



 Federal Employees Tennis Association

                     FETA RULES

FETA follows the the rules of the International Tennis Federation and the USTA Code for Non-umpired Matches. Links to both are below. 

Setting up a Match:  Group rosters with contact information are sent to members on May 1. Matches are set up by the players, usually through email. They agree on time and place to play. There are no requirements regarding when or where matches take place. There are no requirements to play any matches except for those players who wish to earn a FETA T-shirt and qualify for the tournament (see "Tournament" tab).

Match Format:  Matches are best 2 sets out of 3. The standard 7-point tiebreaker will be used when a set reaches 6-6. A 10-point tiebreaker may be used instead of a third set if both parties agree. A tiebreaker is won by the first person to reach at least 7 (or 10) and have a 2 point lead.

Reporting Scores:   Players must agree on the match score before leaving the court, and they should report match results to the group coordinator(s) within 24 hours. An individual selected to report the score should cc the other player(s).

Tennis Balls:  Both players should bring a new can of balls to the match. If only one can is used, it has been customary in FETA for the winner to keep the unopened can.

Serve Warm-up:  Players should warm up their serves before the match begins. In FETA, players taking their service warm-ups before their first service game is allowed but discouraged because this disrupts the flow of the match. "First ball in" is not acceptable for FETA matches.

Late Player:  If your opponent is more than 15 minutes late to a match, you may leave and claim a forfeit. The match will count toward your match total but will not count for your late opponent.

Match Cancellation:  If your opponent cancels a match within 2 hours of the scheduled start time, you may claim a forfeit. The match will count toward your match total but will not count for your opponent.

Leaving the Court:  You may leave the court during the match for restroom breaks. You may leave the court to replace broken equipment, forfeiting the game in progress. If you cannot return to the court within 15 minutes, you default the match.

Organizer:  The FETA Organizer may remove the name of any player from any roster at any time for any reason. All Rulings by the FETA Organizer on any FETA matter are final.


♦   A ball that cannot be called out is good. If you did not see the ball land and don't know if it was in or out, you must call it good. A player may not claim a let on the basis of not seeing a ball.

♦   If you are unsure of a call and decide to ask your opponent their opinion on whether the ball was in or out, you must accept their opinion.

♦   With the exception of the first serve, players should call their own ball out if they clearly see it as out.

♦   If one doubles player calls the ball good and the player's partner calls the ball out, the ball is good. It does not matter which was called first.

         LINKS:     USTA Code for Non-umpired Matches

  Official Rules of Tennis (ITF 2024)